911 Is A Great Career

Simulator + Textbook + Curriculum + Certification.

Over twenty years ago, Sue Pivetta had a problem. Her 9-1-1 Comm Center was facing a hiring crisis: We were hiring five and losing seven. One evening over dinner with friends, someone asked why she didn’t go to the college or high school tech program to find trained people.

Good question. Bad answer! There were no vocational training programs in the entire U.S. or Canada for her chosen life work. So, Sue started the first vocational course in the nation at Renton Technical College.  The career clusters we found for this course were Health Science and Public Safety.

Update to today.  Now Sue has a company of professional 911 educators helping create educational programs in high schools and colleges. 9-1-1 unfortunately is STILL in a hiring crisis.  More colleges and high school programs are needed. Students will be hired at 18.  VoTech students have a huge advantage over other applicants.

Add Classroom Curriculum and Certification. Included loaded onto the simulator is a full online 9-1-1 Academy Curriculum and NECC Certification exams for teachers and students.  A full turnkey PLUG AND TEACH no IT needed – because our mission and passion is to get 9-1-1 education in ‘every’ college and high school in the nation.  We have a loooong way to go however!

Download 911 magazine article to learn more about the state of 911.

A Turn Key 9-1-1 Career Training Program



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