When Things Go Wrong – It’s SETTINGS.  And if it’s not settings it’s ‘cords’.

Your town addressing made easy for PLUS mapping.  Watch my trick below.

Updating Build Download

Current Build is – 

Owners Customizing Kit

We can customize your stations prior to delivery!   Reality comes with a DEFAULT ANYTOWN addressing, call types, units and ring down lines.  You can keep these or you can send us your information and we will install your addressing, call types, responses and ring down lines.  You can also customize after delivery with our video tutorials and Join.Me help if needed.

ADDRESSING (ALI)  Best to have 99 addressing targeted for training for both RESD = residential and BUSN = Business.  Download the ALI ACCESS template  ALI zip here and watch the How To Video below.

  • Reality BASIC does not have mapping so no need to put Longitude and Latitude in the ALI database file for your customized ACCESS file.
  • Reality PLUS requires Longitude and Latitude in the ALI database.

RING DOWN LINES  are number of other agencies that are called such as state patrol, hospital, nearby agencies, jail – you can define what you want these to be – just send us the list of 9.

CALL TYPES could match  – nearby agencies.  Download the template, complete both pages for Units and Call types – recommend 50 call types and responses. Watch the 2nd video. TypesAndUnitsTemplate_0

RESPONSES (UNITS) – Learners need to know what type of response, not which individual unit to send as they will be learning that at the agency or through CAD.  Know that in this entry level training it is more important to understand ALS from BLS, one patrol or two patrol officers, one Fire Engine or a full response.