9-1-1 Reality Simulator is fully customizable prior to or after delivery. We invite IT, teachers and trainers to have an online demo with Join.Me.  This is available PST 1000- 1400 M T W schedule at .  Owners will have 7 business days to submit any customizing information.     ALI addressing, call types, units/responses, ring down lines, phone line or radio labels templates will be sent after the purchase.


  • Customize your 911 Reality Simulator addresses prior to delivery (recommended) 
    •  Our program will automatically add 50 of your businesses addresses for the city that orders (residential must be added by owner).
      • Download this ACCESS file keeping the format. Please add your residential addresses or your complete addressing ALI To Customize if you have MS ACCESS. 
      • However if you have EXCEL use this xls ALI To Customize
    • For residential addressing on PLUS can be used – for the required Lat/Long to addressing. BASIC does not.
      • In the event you have several small towns you wish to add to the addressing you must email
    •     If you wish to use ANYTOWN instead of any of your towns or city addressing please email

We will provide an app and simplified method for adding residential addressing before or after delivery.


These are direct dial to Gas Company, Ambulance, Power Company, Fire Station etc.   Customizing and Lists. To change before delivery, within 7 business days send a list of 9 commonly called direct dial lines to us in an email to  


To change and add your own call types or responses fill in this Excel worksheet Download TypesAndUnitsTemplate and send it before delivery within 7 business days from your order.

This XLS file when opened has two tabs – one for call types (burglary, theft, house fire) and one for responses (Patrol, K9, Engine, Full Response). We suggest at this level use RESPONSES.


You can rename the phone line labels, radio labels, add wav files to sound effects by sending an email with requests asap to

Updating Build pdf – current is


1 Setup Guide BASIC

2 User Manual Basic

2 User Manual PLUS

1 Setup Guide PLUS

1 Setup Guide BASIC 2 Students

1 Setup Guide PLUS 2 Students