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My student passed her Certified Level 1 Telecommunicator exam, but she forgot to print the certificate. Is there a way that I can access that for her?


PW: Islay0328

Thank you.

Sorry for the delay.  Send me a note at sue@911trainer.com and I’ll get into the site and see if I can find her certification.  I need her full name and date of the exam.  Sue Pivetta

Set up for 911 Simulation and Certification

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Hi -I am looking to get pricing information about setting up to offer the 911 certification in our Law Enforcement class. Can you send me information and pricing for initial set up and recommended set up?

Thank you, Casey

Hi Casey,  We will send you an official quote and would like to get 911 in your school!   All we need is all your information!  Agency, address, phone, name and title of person requesting.  And which of the stations are you interested in and how many?  Sue Pivetta

Instructor certification

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I am wanting to check on my instructor certification to make sure it is still valid. I was at Silsbee High school in Silsbee Texas. I am now a teacher at Vidor High school in Vidor Texas. I took the course in Burleson (Crowley) Texas with 21st century conference in 2016 (I believe). I do not remember my instructor’s name though. If you could please tell me what I need to do to certify my students, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Texas.  Yes once you take the exam and pass it with on 80% you are always certified.  Recall that you must also proctor the skills exam.  You can order your exams and on the NECC tab above.  Also did you know we have a new Online Course for 9-1-1 Reality Simulator owners – first year free.  Give us a call. 253.435.0911.  Students will need the 911 Textbook found under the Products tab here.  Happy to have you teaching 911.  Sue Pivetta

Certification question

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Hello, I am currently taking APCO certification. It has been made clear to us as students that rarely are two PSAP’s 9-1-1 systems the same.

Primarily, how does this certification differ from APCO certification?

Does this course cover training to use / operate all the different 9-1-1 systems and software currently in use?

Also, how do I know in advance that the system learned will be the one my dispatching center will require? (I am in Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Thank you for your time.

Hi Canada,  True that all agencies are different.  First let’s define WHAT CERTIFICATION MEANS.  Every ‘certification’ follows a certain curriculum, a certain textbook or course of study.  APCO’s follows APCOs course of study.  Not every Comm Center uses APCO.  Some use other curriculum like Power Phone or NENA or IAED.  Now all these listed her are AFTER you get hired – the agency will put you through their chosen training and certification.  It’s nice if the agency you are applying at uses APCO you are a bit ahead but they still have to put you through their training and testing.  If they use IAED the certification won’t be used but you will know what APCO wanted you to know.  Our NECC certification is NOT for after you are hired.  NECC is the only certification that says “this student took our pre-employment curriculum of 10 Units of study and passed our 123 question online exam and a skills exam of 3 simulated calls”. Go to NECC on the menu and learn more.  Sue Pivetta

Are There Jobs for Students?

Here is a link for you to check out your state or local area for 9-1-1 jobs. Check out the pay and requirements.These are jobs posted at a 911 site, you can also google them under Telecommunicator, Dispatcher, Emergency Communications and all of those will have jobs that your students could get jobs at. Not only 911, alarm companies, life flights, national parks – any place that has phones and radios and responders.

9-1-1 Is An Awesome CTE Course…but?!

 Why aren’t there more 9-1-1 CTE courses? 

Many people misunderstand the work.  If a student is inclined towards public safety, health care, law or other such disciplines 9-1-1 is truly an AWESOME career.  Yes, you are helping people but also the excitement of being a member of the public safety team and great pay and benefits.

There are very few CTE and vocational college courses in the US and Canada but there could be one in every town and city that has any type of public safety course.  Your school or college can be the first in the state, or county or region to support the very real hiring crisis in 9-1-1 by starting a course with our help.

We are a company of 9-1-1 professional educators.  We designed a curriculum in a college using a DACUM and we have the only textbook for pre employment.  In addition our training/teaching simulator was designed with teachers/instructors and learners in mind.  The tool should not be harder to learn than the skills you will learn on the simulator.  Be the ONE that helps change the challenges of finding excellent trained and motivated 9-1-1 candidates today.  Contact us for a video demo at 253.435.0911. Thank you!

Multiple Lab Pod Setup Example

This lab setup had one instructor to 6 student and one of the pods was One to One so students could work with one another.  You can determine your setup and will come on site to assist in setup and training.