The Challenge! Are U Fit?

Job Test.  Take a piece of blank paper, divide it into 3 equal linear columns labeled NUMBERS LETTERS COLORS.  When the audio begins and you hear a number put it in the number column, and same with color or letter.  You will be graded on the shortest column so try to keep all columns equal.  Split Ear Multiple Task is often used for a job test.


Are U Fit for 9-1-1? Let’s find out.

1. Are you willing and able to work a large percentage of weekends and holidays?

2. Are you willing and able to work any shift assigned? (i.e., day, evening, or midnights)?

3. Are you willing to accept last minute changes in your work schedule that might require you to cancel personal plans?

4. Are you willing and able to work emergency call-in overtime?

5. Are you willing to take directions and corrections from a supervisor in front of your peers?

6. There may be times when you are required to forego breaks due to under staffing or shift activity. Are you willing to give up breaks, when necessary?

7. Are you willing and able to remain at the same workstation (seated or standing) for extended periods of time?

8. Are you willing to be subjected to occasional abusive and profane language over the phone?

9. Are you willing to read and study several hundred pages of manuals, complete assignments and take written tests during your training period?

10. Are you able to understand and accept that when you process a call incorrectly it could contribute to someone’s property being lost or damaged, or someone being seriously injured or dying?

11. Are you willing to accept close supervision and daily critique of your work performance during the on-the-job training period?

12. Are you willing and able to deal calmly and respectfully with angry people when the problem is not your fault?

13. Are you willing and able to handle workloads that may change dramatically during the course of the shift (e.g., periods of high activity, followed by periods of low activity)?

14. If you smoke, are you willing to go without a cigarette for an entire shift if necessary, or smoke during scheduled breaks or lunch periods? (The building and grounds are considered a “smoke-free” territory)

15. Are you willing to work under constant electronic surveillance of all your telephone and radio messages?

16. Are you willing to accept that you typically will not know the final outcome of a call for service?