Are There Jobs for Students?

Here is a link for you to check out your state or local area for 9-1-1 jobs. Check out the pay and requirements.These are jobs posted at a 911 site, you can also google them under Telecommunicator, Dispatcher, Emergency Communications and all of those will have jobs that your students could get jobs at. Not only 911, alarm companies, life flights, national parks – any place that has phones and radios and responders.

9-1-1 Is An Awesome CTE Course…but?!

 Why aren’t there more 9-1-1 CTE courses? 

Many people misunderstand the work.  If a student is inclined towards public safety, health care, law or other such disciplines 9-1-1 is truly an AWESOME career.  Yes, you are helping people but also the excitement of being a member of the public safety team and great pay and benefits.

There are very few CTE and vocational college courses in the US and Canada but there could be one in every town and city that has any type of public safety course.  Your school or college can be the first in the state, or county or region to support the very real hiring crisis in 9-1-1 by starting a course with our help.

We are a company of 9-1-1 professional educators.  We designed a curriculum in a college using a DACUM and we have the only textbook for pre employment.  In addition our training/teaching simulator was designed with teachers/instructors and learners in mind.  The tool should not be harder to learn than the skills you will learn on the simulator.  Be the ONE that helps change the challenges of finding excellent trained and motivated 9-1-1 candidates today.  Contact us for a video demo at 253.435.0911. Thank you!

Multiple Lab Pod Setup Example

This lab setup had one instructor to 6 student and one of the pods was One to One so students could work with one another.  You can determine your setup and will come on site to assist in setup and training.

Photos Of Our Setup Lab

This is our demo lab setup for 911 Reality PLUS, complete with office dog NEO.

This is a new 911 Reality BASIC setup.  We are testing and customizing prior to shipping.

 This is Alvin Texas ISD order for six 911 Reality Plus Stations.  All are setup in our lab and tested.

The Challenge! Are U Fit?

Job Test.  Take a piece of blank paper, divide it into 3 equal linear columns labeled NUMBERS LETTERS COLORS.  When the audio begins and you hear a number put it in the number column, and same with color or letter.  You will be graded on the shortest column so try to keep all columns equal.  Split Ear Multiple Task is often used for a job test.


Are U Fit for 9-1-1? Let’s find out.

1. Are you willing and able to work a large percentage of weekends and holidays?

2. Are you willing and able to work any shift assigned? (i.e., day, evening, or midnights)?

3. Are you willing to accept last minute changes in your work schedule that might require you to cancel personal plans?

4. Are you willing and able to work emergency call-in overtime?

5. Are you willing to take directions and corrections from a supervisor in front of your peers?

6. There may be times when you are required to forego breaks due to under staffing or shift activity. Are you willing to give up breaks, when necessary?

7. Are you willing and able to remain at the same workstation (seated or standing) for extended periods of time?

8. Are you willing to be subjected to occasional abusive and profane language over the phone?

9. Are you willing to read and study several hundred pages of manuals, complete assignments and take written tests during your training period?

10. Are you able to understand and accept that when you process a call incorrectly it could contribute to someone’s property being lost or damaged, or someone being seriously injured or dying?

11. Are you willing to accept close supervision and daily critique of your work performance during the on-the-job training period?

12. Are you willing and able to deal calmly and respectfully with angry people when the problem is not your fault?

13. Are you willing and able to handle workloads that may change dramatically during the course of the shift (e.g., periods of high activity, followed by periods of low activity)?

14. If you smoke, are you willing to go without a cigarette for an entire shift if necessary, or smoke during scheduled breaks or lunch periods? (The building and grounds are considered a “smoke-free” territory)

15. Are you willing to work under constant electronic surveillance of all your telephone and radio messages?

16. Are you willing to accept that you typically will not know the final outcome of a call for service?




9-1-1 Is Having A Hiring Crisis!

911 Hiring Crisis

911 newsletter from 2000 – nothing has changed!

Want Proof? Click on these news articles 

USA Today Article 2019

Phoenix – disturbing



Ok this is depressing – do your own search and contact your local 911 agency and ask them.  Next take a look at the jobs available in your area and if there are ANY colleges or high schools teaching 9-1-1 as a career.  And if so, please let us know.  Bad news is there are very few.  Good news is – you are here where the only 9-1-1 turnkey career education program exists.

I wrote this newsletter in 2000 – not much has changed because not much has happened in 911 career education. When I am at a conference of 9-1-1 professionals and I ask them if they have a college or high school program where they can go for trained candidates. Whaaat? Deer in headlights – stunned that they never thought of that as a solution – but too overwhelmed and too busy to even think about tackling that solution.

It’s OK – it’s a solution now very possible with our curriculum + simulator + certification.   The concept of 911 being a real live career, a profession that is not only fascinating but well paid, great benefits and finally – a place to get a turn key program – to set up this amazing class!

Have patience with the agencies – they are new to the idea of vocational education and working hard to keep us all safe regardless.   YES there is a HIRING CRISIS IN 911.  You are part of the solution.