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If you don’t wish to train 9-1-1 online, you can OWN and teach the full 10 unit 9-1-1 career course!  Own the full 10 unit academy – delivered on an All In One Computer.  The teacher’s manual, online teacher training and video tutorials for teaching 9-1-1, and the Instructor NECC Certification for a one-time fee of $350. 9-1-1 Reality Simulation owners no fee for NECC Certification. 

Engaging interactive training for high school CTE and vocational college students!  Request a personal online demo at

The ten units mirror the course and provide folders loaded engaging training tools such as skills games, flash quizzes, eBooks, actual 9-1-1 calls scripted and ebooks. Emergency Communications 9-1-1 Manual/Textbook (required text) hardcopies are $84.95,  and includes a downloadable and printable workbook for use with all of your students, unit quizzes, skills exercises, and the final exam online NECC certification is only $25 internet fee for students (1 retake).   Table of Contents


The National Emergency Communications Certification NECC is the 123 question final exam for students and the certification for instructors.  See the NECC page on this site.

9-1-1 Academy was created in a college setting through a DACUM (Develop a Curriculum) process working with the college dean and an Advisory Board of 9-1-1 professionals.