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If you don’t need a simulator but wish to OWN and teach a full 10 unit 9-1-1 career course – look no further. Own a full digital 10 unit academy – AND access to our new ONLINE curriculum and certification delivered on an All In One Computer.  Full teacher’s manual, online teacher training and video tutorials for teaching 9-1-1. 

Online teacher and student certification for your Emergency Communications career education class is included, one online trial course free for trial.  Your yearly $485 subscription offers unlimited students July 1 to July 1. 

9-1-1 Academy was created in a college setting through a DACUM (Develop a Curriculum) process working with the college dean and an Advisory Board of 911 professionals. The process determined (10) Units of study and examples of the digital training products loaded; DVD, Power Point, eBooks, scripted actual 911 calls, YouTube 911 Calls in the News and much more. 

The ten units provide folders loaded with a variety of training tools such a skills games, flash quizzes, eBooks, actual 911 calls scripted and ebooks. Includes the (1) 9-1-1 Manual Textbook (required text) hardcopy $74.95,  unit quizzes and final exam online certification is no cost to teachers and a $15 internet fee for students (1 retake).  TableOfContents911Man