Visit www.9-1-1 to view this engaging, innovative and exciting online 9-1-1 course, textbook and certification exams.  $129 a seat. 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Manual is required.  Learn more if you wish to certify students and teachers through NECC, National Emergency Communications Certification. Need a quote – contact here.

Especially during these uncertain pandemic times it is important to train people for careers that are viable.

9-1-1 IS A GREAT CAREER – yet this work of Emergency Communications is having a HIRING CRISIS.

Since 9-1-1 hires at 18 this is a perfect onlne course for High School CTE or VoTech graduates.  Engaging, enlightening and fun!

Vocational Colleges and CTE online learning is GREAT for teachers and college instructors – customizable for any number of hours!  Full video tutorials and