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25 Feb 2020 Uncategorized

Hello, I am currently taking APCO certification. It has been made clear to us as students that rarely are two PSAP’s 9-1-1 systems the same.

Primarily, how does this certification differ from APCO certification?

Does this course cover training to use / operate all the different 9-1-1 systems and software currently in use?

Also, how do I know in advance that the system learned will be the one my dispatching center will require? (I am in Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Thank you for your time.

Hi Canada,  True that all agencies are different.  First let’s define WHAT CERTIFICATION MEANS.  Every ‘certification’ follows a certain curriculum, a certain textbook or course of study.  APCO’s follows APCOs course of study.  Not every Comm Center uses APCO.  Some use other curriculum like Power Phone or NENA or IAED.  Now all these listed her are AFTER you get hired – the agency will put you through their chosen training and certification.  It’s nice if the agency you are applying at uses APCO you are a bit ahead but they still have to put you through their training and testing.  If they use IAED the certification won’t be used but you will know what APCO wanted you to know.  Our NECC certification is NOT for after you are hired.  NECC is the only certification that says “this student took our pre-employment curriculum of 10 Units of study and passed our 123 question online exam and a skills exam of 3 simulated calls”. Go to NECC on the menu and learn more.  Sue Pivetta

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