9-1-1 Is An Awesome CTE Course…but?!

 Why aren’t there more 9-1-1 CTE courses? 

Many people misunderstand the work.  If a student is inclined towards public safety, health care, law or other such disciplines 9-1-1 is truly an AWESOME career.  Yes, you are helping people but also the excitement of being a member of the public safety team and great pay and benefits.

There are very few CTE and vocational college courses in the US and Canada but there could be one in every town and city that has any type of public safety course.  Your school or college can be the first in the state, or county or region to support the very real hiring crisis in 9-1-1 by starting a course with our help.

We are a company of 9-1-1 professional educators.  We designed a curriculum in a college using a DACUM and we have the only textbook for pre employment.  In addition our training/teaching simulator was designed with teachers/instructors and learners in mind.  The tool should not be harder to learn than the skills you will learn on the simulator.  Be the ONE that helps change the challenges of finding excellent trained and motivated 9-1-1 candidates today.  Contact us for a video demo at 253.435.0911. Thank you!

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