9-1-1 Is Having A Hiring Crisis!

911 Hiring Crisis
911 newsletter from 2000 – nothing has changed!

Want Proof? Click on these news articles 

USA Today Article 2019

Phoenix – disturbing



Ok this is depressing – do your own search and contact your local 911 agency and ask them.  Next take a look at the jobs available in your area and if there are ANY colleges or high schools teaching 9-1-1 as a career.  And if so, please let us know.  Bad news is there are very few.  Good news is – you are here where the only 9-1-1 turnkey career education program exists.

I wrote this newsletter in 2000 – not much has changed because not much has happened in 911 career education. When I am at a conference of 9-1-1 professionals and I ask them if they have a college or high school program where they can go for trained candidates. Whaaat? Deer in headlights – stunned that they never thought of that as a solution – but too overwhelmed and too busy to even think about tackling that solution.

It’s OK – it’s a solution now very possible with our curriculum + simulator + certification.   The concept of 911 being a real live career, a profession that is not only fascinating but well paid, great benefits and finally – a place to get a turn key program – to set up this amazing class!

Have patience with the agencies – they are new to the idea of vocational education and working hard to keep us all safe regardless.   YES there is a HIRING CRISIS IN 911.  You are part of the solution.

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